In Latin, “COR” means “Heart.”

And at COR, we are all about getting to the heart of YOU – who you are and the gifts you can contribute to the world.

Every one of us carries wounds that are deeply rooted and often unconscious. We’ve all created strategies for surviving them and protecting ourselves from being hurt again. But these survival strategies hold us back from being our best selves and create unhealthy, negative patterns, leaving us to live in a reactive and defended state. This costs us our aliveness and the basic ability to be present in life and respond according to our deepest values.

You know there’s more. That’s why deep down you feel unfulfilled in your relationships, career, family.

To be able to relax and transform these behavior patterns and truly heal the wounds beneath them, we need to get to our “CORe.” We have to go deep—to the heart of the matter – if we want to make any lasting change within ourselves. Because the heart is not just our emotional center; it’s the only place where absolutely all of our humanity can be welcomed and lovingly embraced and where true transformation can occur.

After COR Woman, I found a sense of peace and self-love that has led to reclaiming my joy and childlike wonder in the world. This workshop has done what no other person or therapy had been able to do before: it led me to the knowledge that I am complete, just as I am.”  

Jennifer, COR Woman participant

COR offers a series of workshops designed to help you connect with your core
in ways you haven’t been able to before.

If you’ve ever found yourself…

  • Sabotaging relationships when someone gets too close
  • Stepping back from career opportunities just when things get good
  • Lashing out at friends and family for reasons you don’t understand
  • Letting self doubt hold you back from what you really want to create in your life

…our workshops are for you.

There is incredible power in healing your relationship to yourself, to the people in your life, and to something even greater than us all —whether you call it God, Grace, Spirit, the Universe, or something else entirely. Our mission is to initiate and support these relationships through healing and transformation, so that the world can move toward greater unity and peace.


“My experience at Noble Man was the most powerful transformation and healing experience I’ve ever had in my life. Ever.”

Bob, Noble Man participant 

Every workshop includes focused and guided activities, concentrated group coaching, and powerful initiation work in an intimate, safe and highly-facilitated environment. While many personal development workshops seek to go deep emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually—COR workshops dive to the depths of all four.

The result can be worth more than years of therapy.

Meaningful, lasting change only comes when you connect deeply with your heart.

“I feel as if I’m a better manager and leader, as well as wife and friend, because I’m able to show up fully in the world in an authentic and healthy way that encompasses all of who I am.”

Dani, COR Woman participant

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