Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Training

Master your skills and lead others in their transformation

PREREQUISITE: COR Leadership Development Training

You’re here to make an impact.

To serve.

To inspire.

To guide others in their journey.

By having done the foundational work of healing and stepping into the power of who you truly are in the COR Leadership Development Training (LDT), you have already uncovered your natural and unique strengths as a leader.

Now it’s your time to master your skills.

Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Training

Facilitate Others in Their Transformation

Opening in 2018

If you feel called to facilitate others while going even deeper into your own journey as a leader, the Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Training (ALFT) may be right for you. All graduates of the Leadership Development Training are invited to apply for this advanced training.

In the ALFT you’ll master your facilitation skills and learn advanced-level tools we’re offering for the first time.

Some of the new techniques you’ll learn include:

Family Constellations

Four Voices of Discernment

Holistic Inquiry

Franklin Covey’s Five Choices

and more….

Additionally, you’ll go deeper with:


Prayer and Meditation

The Human Condition

Ego Relaxation

Inner Child Work


Somatic Healing

Parts Work

ALFT is for you if:

  • You have completed LDT and want to deepen your journey as a facilitator and further develop and master the empowering, lifelong habits you learned.
  • You want to learn more advanced tools for working skillfully with other people in their healing and transformation.
  • You want to launch your next phase or project as a transformational facilitator.
  • You want another, even deeper year-long program with great support and an opportunity for sustained growth and lasting transformation.
  • You are a professional life coach, business consultant, clergy, therapist, specialty counselor or teacher—or are looking to become one of the above—and want to integrate the COR facilitation skills into your work and earn money making a difference in the lives of others.
  • You are 100% committed to having breakthroughs in your life so that you can be the gift you were born to be, and share that gift with others.
Schedule: May 2018 – March 2019

Module I (9 days)
May 11-19, 2018
The Land Celebration, Virginia

Module II (6 days)
August 14-19, 2018
The Land Celebration, Virginia

Module III (4 days)
Nov. 29 – Dec. 2, 2018
Dancing Deer Farm, California


  • Monthly 30-minute private coaching session with Lee or Britta
  • Monthly 2-hour Group Video Teaching Conferences on how to be a highly effective leader and facilitator in your day-to-day life, which includes assignments and mentoring from Britta, Lee, and other inspirational leaders
  • A buddy and a buddy group to go through the process with, and to hold each other accountable to be successful
  • Built-in support from your Advanced Leadership Community so you can become the best leader and most skillful facilitator you can possibly be!

To Sign Up:

Take a look at the dates and locations for our 2018 Advanced Leadership and Facilitation program above, and confirm that the dates work for you. Then, pay your deposit and we’ll send you the follow-up information.

Whether you want to work with the COR team, step more fully into facilitation in your own practice or communities, or have a desire to dive deeper into your personal growth and transformation, our Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Training programs offers you the opportunity to step into the transformational facilitation role you were born to fill.

Are you ready for that next step? We’re ready for you.

PREREQUISITE: COR Leadership Development Training