Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Content

What happens at the workshops?

Our workshops are experiential and participatory in nature. There will be self-exploration through experience, not lecture. Experiences such as: sharing circles, emotional processing (including anger and grief), physical movement, guided active and silent meditations, journaling, profound inquiry, psychodrama, and breathwork.

How long has this work been available and how many people have done it?

This work started in England in 1993. We’ve had several thousands of participants from all over Europe, the US, and Canada. We’ve also held our workshops in India, South Africa, and Australia.

I’m not religious or even spiritually inclined, is this work still for me?

We welcome anyone from any or no religious or spiritual background and have had people from all walks of life participate in these workshops, including many agnostics. We do believe that inner transformation is done most holistically and effectively when we address all aspects of our humanity; including the physical, the emotional, the mental and also the spiritual dimension, and therefore use concepts such as meditation, prayer/invocation and Higher Power/Grace, but we attempt to do this in as an inclusive way as possible.

Does this work focus only on romantic relationships?

No. Although one area of our focus is the dynamic and healing between men and women through the lens of healthy masculinity and femininity, we are not a romantic relationship company. Certainly, your romantic life will be greatly affected by this work, but it addresses all relationships— family, friends, co-workers, and of course, maybe most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

As an organization that focuses on the male-female dynamic, are people with differing sexual orientations welcome, and would they still benefit from this work?

We honor and support the dignity, goodness and beauty of every human being, regardless of sexual and gender identity. Men and women of all sexual orientations are welcome. A key aspect of our work is healing between the genders. We believe that working on the male-female dynamic is important to our collective well-being. We address all relationships, not only romantic relationships. Therefore any man or woman who wants to heal with their own or the opposite gender would benefit from our work.

Workshop Logistics

Where do you host your workshops?

Currently, our 3.5 day workshops are held at Dancing Deer Farm in Templeton, California, which is in the San Luis Obispo area, at the Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida and at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What are the arrival and departure times for the workshop?

Our workshops begin on a Thursday’s in the late afternoon. The exact time depends on which site you are attending your workshop at. The weekend concludes on Sunday afternoon in the early afternooon. If you are flying into the area, please plan your flights accordingly.

What's included in the cost?

For all of our workshops (except LDT), the cost includes all food and lodging for the retreat, along with a powerful 30-day follow-up program to support you in integrating the breakthroughs you received at the workshop into your everyday life.

What is the daily schedule like?

There’s an early morning activity followed by a long breakfast break, then a mid-morning activity. We then have a long lunch break. The afternoon activity leads us to a shorter dinner break with a completion evening activity after dinner. Our workshop schedule requires that participants give it their full attention. You will not have time to work or do any activities outside of our schedule. If you have current daily spiritual or self-care routines in place, you will have time to tend to these during the breaks.

I have dietary restrictions, what can I expect?

We provide 3 wholesome meals a day, which include lots of vegetables, and simple proteins (like fish, chicken, and eggs). We can tend to vegetarians, non-dairy, and non-gluten diets. If you have stricter requirements than that, you’ll need to supplement by bringing your own food. You will not be able to use our kitchen to cook, but we will find you some refrigerator space if necessary.

Do you provide transportation to the site?

We do not provide transportation to the workshop site. If you are in need of a ride, or can offer space in your car, please visit the carpool forum we have set up for your group. You can access this through the Logistics Page that is emailed to you after you register for one of our workshops.

What are the closest airports to the workshop site?

Below is a list of airports, beginning from the closest to the farthest from each of the sites. Please use Google Maps or Mapquest to determine which option will be best for you. 

There are numerous airports to choose from in Northern and Southern California for our Dancing Deer Farm location…

  • San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP)
  • San Jose International Airport (SJC)
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

For our retreats at the Kashi Ashram location…

  • Melbourne International Airport (MLB)
  • Saint Lucie International Airport (FPR)
  • Orlando International Airport (MOC)

For our retreats at the Franciscan Retreat Center…

  • Colorado Springs Airport (COS)
  • Denver International Airport (DEN)


I would like to arrive ahead of time, or stay a while after the workshop ends. Where can I stay?

There are many beautiful beach towns in the San Luis Obispo area of California. Morro Bay and Los Osos are closest to where the workshop will be, and Pismo Beach is a little further. If you want to stay inland, you can check out Atascadero and Paso Robles. The workshop will be held in Templeton. We recommend looking on to see what’s available for your budget.

We ask that you do not arrive on site prior to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) on Thursday, as we will not be ready to receive you.

Donations and Scholarships

How can I make a donation to include in your scholarship fund?

Your donation is very much appreciated and will allow those in financial need to participate in our workshops. To make your donation, please send a check payable to “COR Experience” to the address 813 Paxton Villa Court, Novato, CA 94947. Please note on the check that it is a donation. Thank you!


How do I apply for financial assistance?

To be considered for financial assistance, you must send in your completed application at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the workshop. We accept applications for participants and staff. Participants must also register and submit payment at the time of application, which is refundable if we are not able to award you with enough aid.

Please visit this Financial Assistance page to find and download the application form that applies to you.


Changing Our Name to COR

Why did you change the name of the organization from Celebration of Being to COR?

We wanted a name that better reflects who we are and what we do. COR truly speaks the essence of what we do. We tend to the heart, the primary emotions, and the deepest part of a person. We also wanted a name that’s accessible to an ever-expanding audience because, well, we want to transform the world!

I'm already registered for a Workshop or a Leadership Training in the near future. How does this affect me?

You’re still registered for your workshop or training. In fact, the only thing that’s changing is the names of some of our workshops. The workshops themselves are still facilitated in the same way, with the same exceptional staff that have with and for us for many years.

I have been thinking about registering for a Workshop or Leadership Training in the near future. Has anything about them changed besides the name?

Nope. As far as names go, Celebration of Woman is now COR Woman. Power of Love is now Radiant Woman. Noble Man is still Noble Man.

What does this mean for the future of the organization?

Since we want to reach more people, we’re adding “satellite” workshops in new locations. So, in addition to our events in Northern California and England, in 2017 we will hold our first COR Woman (previously known as Celebration of Woman) in Florida. We’re also planning to add Southern California workshops in 2018. We’re also focusing on training facilitators in our unique mode of facilitation.

And we’ve taken the first steps to create a non-profit branch of COR to provide a modified version of rites of passage to young men and women.