This work came to us. From a very young age, we have both known that the powerful work of helping people heal, transform, and connect to a power bigger than themselves is what we are called to do.

We are Lee and Britta Eskey, and we are the founders and co-directors of COR.

We started not by teaching this work, but by participating in it; initiated into this work through our own rites of passage. We have both been transformed and inspired by the work, and want to offer that transformation and inspiration to the rest of the world.

As one of the original founders of Celebration of Being (the company which preceded COR) along with Rajyo Markman, Britta has spent over 32 years working internationally with men and women in the field of personal growth. But she too started at the beginning.

After encouraging Rajyo to facilitate a woman’s workshop for her and a few other girlfriends, Britta knew immediately: this was the work she was called to do. She would teach this, share this, spread this.

She would assist women (and eventually, men too) around the world to step into who they really are by illuminating the powerful dynamic of the healthy masculine and healthy feminine.

When Lee joined the team, he added what the business truly needed — a balance to the feminine and his perspective and transformative approach as a teacher and an actor.

After initially participating in an all-­male workshop called The New Warrior Training Adventure, Lee found and participated in Noble Man, too.

To be a man among women was transformative, allowing for extraordinary personal healing, granting him greater compassion for all of the women in his life, and opening him up to his masculine power in the presence of the feminine. After finding this work and going through his own deep process of transformation, Lee heard the call even greater:

This was his work to share too. This was his way to contribute.

This was his gift to give.

Together at COR, we form a bridge: between the cognitive and the intuitive, the physical and the emotional, the masculine and the feminine, the human and the divine.  We engage all of the human faculties; the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Together, we are doing the work that supports your work: helping you transform so that you too can offer greater knowing, healing, and love to the world.

Ready to Transform?

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