In Service of Your Brothers and Sisters

As a COR graduate, we know you’ve done the work.

You have practiced intimacy and authentic connection.

You have tapped into and shifted feelings of shame and unworthiness.And you likely continue to learn, grow, and heal on the ever evolving journey of life.

So you know what this work has done for you—how it has healed you and served you.

Now, you have the opportunity to serve and support other women and men as they do it, too.

The COR team is made up of men and women like you—those who have participated in our workshops and who know that one of the very best ways they can serve the world is by facilitating that same healing for more men and women.

As a member of the COR staff team, your role is powerful and vital: You are the container within which the men and women in our workshops will break down and breakthrough—reconnecting with the truth of who they really are.

 You are a steward of their healing.

While your role is meant to serve the men and women who are participating, you will inherently benefit from the experience as well. By holding the space within which other participants can open up and grow, you will undoubtedly find yourself tapping into new areas of growth, transforming long-held fears, and reconnecting powerfully with your true masculine or feminine essence, too.

Staffing a COR workshop offers you:
  • The opportunity to serve other men and women as they step into their self-worth and power,
  • The experience of holding space and standing powerfully in your authentic expression of the masculine or feminine essence,
  • The chance to reconnect with and strengthen your own awareness of your power and innate leadership ability.

Does that sound like the right opportunity for you?

Signing up to staff is simple! Take a look at our upcoming workshops below, and choose the workshop and the dates that work for you. Pay your staffing fee, and we’ll send you next steps within 24 hours.

Staffing Opportunities for Women

You must first participate in our COR Woman workshop before you are eligible to staff.


Noble Man

Our Noble Man workshop facilitates the massive breakthrough participants have been hoping for; one that allows them to know themselves, know their purpose, know their masculine essence—and to share it all openly and intimately in their relationships with the opposite sex, while in the presence of women like you.

COR Woman

Our COR Woman workshop offers participants the opportunity to recognize and step into their full potential as a woman. It will not only transform their relationship to themselves. It will not only transform their relationship to the opposite sex; it will transform their relationship to the world.

Radiant Woman

We invite a select few women staffers to hold space for both the Radiant Woman female participants and the male staff who support them.


Staffing Opportunities for Men

You must first participate in our Noble Man workshop before you are eligible to staff.


Radiant Woman

All COR Woman “graduates” are invited to take their growth a step further by participating in a Radiant Woman workshop, where they will express and explore deep wounds, patterns, and fears in relation to the opposite sex. Radiant Woman offers these women the opportunity to step into their true power and worth as a woman, while in the presence of men like you.

Noble Man

We invite a select few male staffers to hold space for both the Noble Man male participants and the female staff who support them.

You know the power of these workshops. Now, you can experience the power of giving back.

This is your chance to serve and support. This is your chance to step up. Will you join us?