COR Corporate

Cultivate Dynamic Leadership In Your Organization

A successful company is more than just raving customers and revenue numbers…

… it’s connection,

… it’s collaboration,

… it’s a personal investment in your employees and your company.

These are all key to the health and growth of your organization. But you know that.

Because you’re not a business that’s “business as usual”. And you know that the heart of your organization (and its success) lies in the people who work for you and around you every single day.

And yet, cultivating an office environment that’s healthy, united, and thriving—and where everybody wins—can be easier said than done. But it can be done.

You can have a work environment that’s connected, collaborative, and expansive.

And we can help you get there!

“In business we tend to obsess over the how – as in ‘here’s how to do it’. Yet we rarely discuss the why – as in ‘here’s why we’re doing it’. But it’s often difficult to do something exceptionally well if we don’t know the reasons we’re doing it in the first place.”  David Pink

At COR Corporate, we work directly with companies and organizations to cultivate the dynamic leadership skills and interpersonal connection that foster a healthy, successful company culture. How? By engaging and enrolling everyone in the company’s mission—your big “WHY”—and by empowering employees at every level to be leaders.

Using many of the same personal transformation exercises and facilitation techniques practiced in our individual workshops for over 25 years, we will work with your organization to introduce you to new approaches and skills to foster a growing, vibrant, and successful team.

How It Works

Following an initial one-hour phone conference, COR co-founder, Lee Eskey, will spend one full day with your organization, offering:

  • Live presentations designed to educate and inspire key executives and managers on our uniquely comprehensive approach to extraordinary leadership.
  • One-on-one sessions with managers and employees who would most benefit from working with us.
  • Follow-up assessments on the interpersonal dynamics and general culture at work in your business, as well as the best practices to improve productivity, communication, and connection in your organization.

We will start by introducing ideas that give your staff a common, shared vocabulary to create maximum connection, efficiency, and productivity. And through the one-on-one meetings with employees, we’ll provide your managers with a deeper, more specific assessment of the “problem” dynamics—as well as the remedies to solve them—at work within the company. Finally, our follow-up conversation with you will offer an in-depth assessment of your organization, alongside specific and concrete best practices you can implement immediately.

Of course, we are also open to customizing the structure of the process based on your needs and the needs of your organization.

“What’s in short supply is human attention… Understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success.”

– Thomas Davenport and John C. Beck

It’s not easy to evaluate and modify your organization from the inside out—to honestly know and understand the conversations and tools necessary to keep your team connected, collaborative, and committed to success. With our external perspective and invaluable experience, you’ll be provided with an accurate assessment of your team and company culture, as well as new approaches to guide you towards the healthy interactions and collaboration that will ultimately determine your company’s success.


This is your opportunity to:
  • Set the foundation for future success by assessing what’s working (and what’s not) and putting healthier practices into place as you grow,
  • Help everyone in your company keep their attention focused and intentional, so they can accomplish the company’s goals and produce extraordinary results,
  • Empower your employees to act as individual leaders all working together toward a bigger mission,
  • And transform your company culture into one that’s built upon communication, collaboration, and commitment to the organization’s goals.

This is your opportunity to be the leader your organization needs.

Let us show you how to create an atmosphere of inspiration, collaboration, and growth; an atmosphere in which the success of your organization rests on the success of your people.

Ready to connect? To schedule an conversation with Lee Eskey, please email:

We look forward to working with you and your team!