There’s no blueprint for being a man these days.

You are expected to be a tough, strong provider and a compassionate lover who is in touch with his feelings. You have to be a powerful leader but want to be an empathetic manager and partner.

No one ever taught you how to do both.

Maybe you’re full of doubts you hope no one can see. Maybe you’re still not who you want to be or not living up to your expectations of yourself. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with work or love. Deep down something feels like it’s missing for you. You feel stuck.

You are not alone.

I used to play a role in my relationships, showing up as whatever I thought the woman would like. It left me feeling depleted, unconfident and unsure of who I was. I constantly needed sexual validation, but it always left me feeling empty. After Noble Man, I have a strong sense of who I am, and now I show up as myself in relationships. I’ve discovered intimacy for the first time.”

Aaron, Noble Man Participant 

Noble Man is a three-and-a-half day workshop held in locations around the world. Through exercises, coaching, emotional exploration, and self-reflection, you will have the opportunity to develop true confidence, resolve relationship issues with others and with yourself, and discover authentic joy.

The weekend is staffed and facilitated predominately by experienced women who will serve as your gateway to growth and transformation.

In just one weekend, you will learn to practice connection and communication, let go of feelings of incompetence and unworthiness, and heal patterns of disconnection and distrust. You will stretch and grow in a safe space led by a team of people who have done the work before you and understand its power to change lives. You will initiate actual, tangible changes in your life that will last long after the workshop is over. 

At Noble Man, you will:
  • Learn to speak authentically and communicate your needs in a healthy way
  • Balance your need for control with your desire for vulnerability
  • Express your innate masculine power while being emotionally open and present

Noble Man is your opportunity to heal past hurts and connect more intimately and powerfully with friends, colleagues and in relationships. It is your opportunity to find, connect, and surrender yourself to something greater and more meaningful than you ever imagined.

 This is your chance to be heard, to be seen, and to be loved

 and appreciated for the powerful man you truly are.

“I came into Noble Man feeling pretty pessimistic and wasn’t expecting much, but I promised myself I would give the workshop 100%. Even so, it took a few days for things to shift because I had been numb for a long time in my life. But then when I least expected it, I experienced a feeling I had never had before in my life. So powerful, and it’s a feeling that no human being should go through life without. Even after several years, the work I did at Noble Man has brought huge dividends in my life.

Lincoln, Noble Man Participant 

Noble Man was a life-changing experience. It allowed me to access a profound confidence within myself that I didn’t know existed. The experience not only improved my relationship with myself and my girlfriend, it helped me land a dream job at a company I had been pursuing for years. I can’t recommend Noble Man enough.”

Nick, Noble Man Paricipant