A New Beginning for Women with Men



Why is relating to men so difficult? Is it me or is it them?

Well, maybe not relating to all men . . . but it sure seems that way sometimes, doesn’t it?
Perhaps they’ve lied to you, let you down, or they simply didn’t seem to get it.
To get you. To see you. To show up for you fully.

It’s no wonder you struggle to trust. To connect. To let down your guard, soften your heart, and show up for them, too.

You’re not wrong, love. You have years of experience backing you up, after all!

But it doesn’t have to be true for you anymore—not for you and not for the men in your life.

Our Radiant Woman workshop can help you make the shift—from resentment to reconnection—in just one weekend. All COR Woman “graduates” are invited to take their growth a step further by participating in a Radiant Woman workshop, where you will express and explore deep wounds, patterns, and fears in relation to the opposite sex. Radiant Woman offers you the opportunity to step into your true power and worth as a woman, while in the presence of men.

“This experience has been completely transformative for me in my life, in my relationship with men. It’s had me embrace my true feminine power and be present with men in my life. It really brought me to a capacity of understanding men more completely than I ever have before.”

Radiant Woman is a three-and-­a-­half day workshop for alumni of our COR Woman workshop. Over the course of the weekend, you will participate in powerful exercises, coaching, and celebratory ceremonies as you connect to and communicate your boundaries, your truth, and your power, with the emotional support and masculine energy of our male volunteers.

This is your opportunity to tap into and heal wounds and issues in a safe space—one where men are emotionally present, unconditionally accepting, and treating you and your experience with love. It is only in such a sacred environment that your heart can truly heal.

As with our introductory workshops, you will stretch and grow and be challenged by a team of people who have done the work—our facilitators, our leadership team, and men who have completed the Noble Man workshop.

We have all been where you are . . . and we want to see you transform.

Ready to Transform?

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“The Radiant Woman workshop took me on a journey into the alchemy of the masculine and the feminine. I never knew such profound healing could take place when a man and a woman come together and go deep into spaces we are all afraid to go. I had the experience of being seen.”

Gaile Nixon

At Radiant Woman, you will:
  • Release feelings of resentment, judgment, guilt, or shame around men
  • Access authentic, feminine vulnerability and power in the presence of masculine energy
  • Honor and celebrate the dynamic between the healthy feminine and healthy masculine

Signing up is simple! Take a look at our upcoming workshops below, and choose the dates that work for you. Pay your deposit (or make the full investment upfront), and we’ll send you next steps within 24 hours. The cost of the workshop includes all food and lodging, along with a powerful 30-day follow-up program to support you in integrating the breakthroughs you received at Radiant Woman into your everyday life. There is nothing else you need to do, except to show up exactly as yourself.

Relating to men doesn’t have to be hard. Deep down, we know you believe that—now it’s time for you to see it. To prove to yourself, and to your heart, that you can open up to, be vulnerable with, and trust men. They can show up for you . . . but you need to show up for you first.

Are you ready to show up? We’ll show up right there with you, we promise.