Be a Leader in Your Life, Your Relationships & Your Career

PREREQUISITE: COR Woman or Noble Man Workshop

You’re here to lead.

To serve.

To inspire.

To impact.

By having done the foundational work of healing and stepping into the power of who you truly are, you have already uncovered your natural and unique strengths as a leader.

Now it’s your time to put them to use.

Because you know that healing yourself isn’t just about you—it’s about what you can then offer to the world from that healthy place. When you’ve done the work, you can share the work, you can serve with the work, you can support with the work—and we can show you how to do all of that through our COR Curriculum offerings.

The COR Leadership Development Training will show you how to step into leadership: facilitating transformational change, healing, and growth for men and women both within your personal life and within your greater community.

LDT combines ancient wisdom traditions with cutting edge modern methodologies of psychology to provide a practical and comprehensive training where you can step into your full capacity as a leader in your life and community, and make a significant impact through your contribution to the world.

You’ve already seen that it works; now you have the opportunity to share that work with the world.

There are two levels to our COR Curriculum: COR Leadership Development Training (LDT) and COR Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Training (ALFT).

LDT and ALFT are both 10-month programs, consisting of three separate in-person training modules, monthly private coaching sessions, monthly live, virtual teaching units, and much more. All participants must have attended at least one COR workshop, and ALFT participants must have also completed our Leadership Development Training program.

During the LDT, you will:

  • Learn techniques for supporting people in their opening and healing.
  • Learn to fully trust your inner guidance, awareness, and intuition.
  • Learn to help others find their purpose and live their true potential.

In between live training modules, you will also receive:

  • Monthly 30-minute private coaching sessions
  • Monthly 2-hour Group Teaching Calls
  • Access to the COR Leadership Community
  • Access to vast library of COR written/audio teaching materials
  • An accountability buddy

Read on to learn more about our Training program:

COR Leadership Development Training

Be a Leader in Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your Career

In our foundational leadership training, you will learn and master the tools, techniques, and principles employed throughout all COR workshops, and receive an introduction to the tools and practices used in COR facilitation. In a supportive group environment, you will develop lifelong habits of leadership and service that will support you, not only individually, but also as you practice this work within your greater community.

LDT is for you if:

  • You wish to uncover, deepen, and build upon your natural and unique strengths as a leader.
  • You want to lead from the heart and guide others to connect with their truest selves.
  • You are seeking to integrate a deeper way of living and loving in your current professional practice or discipline, such as therapy/counseling, life coaching, teaching, and more.
  • You have a strong desire to bring leadership to your personal communities by sharing our leadership tools with friends, business associates, networking groups, employees, fellow church members, charity organizations, or men’s/women’s circles.
  • You want a year-long program with great support and an opportunity for sustained growth and lasting transformation.
Schedule: May 2018 – March 2019

LDT I (9 days)
May 25th – June 2nd, 2018
The Land Celebration, Virginia

LDT II (6 days)
August 22nd – 27th, 2018
The Land Celebration, Virginia

LDT III (4 days)
December 6th – 9th, 2018
Dancing Deer Farm, California

To Sign Up:

Take a look at the dates and locations for the upcoming Leadership Development Training program above, and confirm that the dates work for you. Then, pay your deposit and we’ll send you the follow-up application, which must be completed and pre-approved before you participate.

There is nothing else you need to do, except to show up ready to learn, ready to grow, and ready to serve.

Whether you want to work with the COR team, step into leadership in your own communities, or simply want to dive deeper into your personal growth and transformation, our Leadership Training programs offer you the opportunity to examine your life, align with your values, and step into the leadership role you were born to fill.

True leaders lead from their authentic selves and their deepest values.

True leaders know their “why” and live it with conviction.

True leaders live with purpose, passion, and presence.

True leaders, like you, have done the work.

This is your opportunity to put that work into practice. This is your chance to do something big. This is the next step on your path, as you expand into the true leadership that your own healing has prepared you for.

Are you ready for that next step? We’re ready for you.